by Chalea Marker

When he was younger, nobody expected William Wilberforce to make much of a difference in the world. He was not very studious and enjoyed entertainment more than he did studying. However, as he grew older, Wilberforce began to see social injustices, particularly that of slavery, and wanted to help those who were suffering. He took his talent for sociability and public speaking and worked many years to pass a law abolishing the slave trade in England. In our day, people all over the world are using their talents to promote causes that they believe in. Although their contribution may feel small, they are blessing many people’s lives by using their time and talents to promote positive principles.

Jessica Haas uses her talents to promote free speech. On December 5 of this year, a woman named Jessica Haas was found painting outside the Supreme Court. She was painting pictures to show her support for Jack Phillips, a man who was inside the Supreme Court defending the right to free speech and religious liberty. She used her artistic abilities to show that she stood with Phillips in the belief that people should not be forced to create or share messages about topics in which they do not believe.

In October of this year, a group of college students at San Diego State University supported free speech using a beach ball. The students, who are members of Young Americans for Liberty, stood in front of the school’s bookstore with a giant beach ball and some pens. They invited anyone who walked by to write anything they wanted on the ball. This ball became a visual representation of how free speech can bring people together and facilitates the exchange of ideas.

Others across the globe are using their skills to advocate for the sanctity of human life. In July 2016, Anna Hoduski began a movement known as Project If Life. Anna loves to run, so she decided that she would run and bike around the country, a journey of 3,000 miles, to help people understand the importance and rights of unborn children. Anna stopped at different cities along her trip and spoke about how society can protect the unborn.

Jane Chen also promotes the sanctity of life through her talents. Jane Chen is the owner and creator of Embrace Innovations. Embrace Innovations provides sleeping bags that act as warmers for preemie babies. Her warmers cost less than 1% the cost of an incubator and do not need to be plugged in to run, making them perfect for babies in third world countries. She once said, “Knowing that you can empower these women to save their children via a very simple technology is incredibly rewarding.”

People often wonder if one ‘regular’ person can make much of a difference. Everyone has the capacity to contribute in some way. The person behind the scenes is just as important as those in the spotlight. Every person acts as a gear in a big machine. If one of the gears is missing or out of place, the whole machine slows down or does not work at all. When all the cogs work together in support of something meaningful, much good can be accomplished.

So how can you help? A great way to start is to analyze your talents and abilities. After that, pick a cause that you are passionate about. Analyze how your talents fit in with your passion, and then go and do something about it. It is also beneficial to look at organizations that have similar goals as you. Look at how your talents can fill the needs that the organization has, and then reach out to them and offer your assistance. This is a great way to get involved and make the world a better place.

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